Make Good Words

It’s really easy to complain. It takes almost no energy and when done as a release of negativity can be somewhat cathartic so it’s easy to fall into that trap of doing it all the time. I’m unfortunately well aware of how easy it is to fall into that trap and how hard it can be to pull yourself out of it if you’re not willing. Sadly, self-destruction is far easier than self-improvement. Well, enough already.

Time for more good words in a time of so much negativity. Time for being more positive when others continue to be so negative. Time to make something from nothing, just simply to avoid becoming nothing. Don’t wait, do it now with no excuses. Learn, grow, teach, love.

Someone is watching you whether you know it or not. Find an inspiration to keep going and don’t fall into the trap cause that person might just be relying on you to do better … be better.

Start by simple expression through words. It’s easy, only takes a little time and your brain will thank you for it. You know, that brain that you’ve been filling with the same television shows night after night. It needs you to need it. It’s a good brain, make it happy. Go right now and make good words.