With a newfound need to not be sedentary, I’m looking into all the old activities that kept me busy and I’ve still some gear for. I got that bike thing out of the way. Well, my old one was stolen so I can’t exactly blow the dust off that one and I like my new bike a little more than the other one anyway. I guess it’s the bigger wheels?Either way, with the summer approaching an end in the next few months, I’m gonna need a winter activity and sliding down a hill on waxed wood sticks and boards was always fun so let’s do that!

The shop I got my bike from turns its gear over to snow stuff in mid-October and I’ve got a few things I’m gonna have them polish up. I’ve even got an initial “why not” from my wife on whether or not she’d join me for a ski session. I’m looking forward to the time I can get the whole family out on the slopes or trails so I better get her used to it sooner than later. She’d be one hot ski bunny and I need some practice.

Thankfully I invested in a pair of skis that had demo bindings and are easily adjustable for different size boots. They are the longer/faster pair of the two I have but we have the same size feet so maybe the other pair could work as well without any adjustment. I’m not much of an expert when it comes to skis.

We do have a really tiny ski hill just down the road from us that I dragged my dad out to a while back and that was coincidentally the last time I was up on skis. I’m not even sure what year that was. Same with snowboarding but I’m pretty sure that one went in storage just before leaving for college so that would be about 94. So 20 years. I’m sure I’m still really good at it.